Trüberbrook Hero Image

Welcome to the German Province of Trüberbrook

Trüberbrook is an atmospheric sci-fi mystery adventure game with handmade scenery. American physicist Hans Tannhauser surprisingly wins a trip to the sleepy village of Trüberbrook. The tranquility advertised in the travel guide is more than welcome, as he struggles with writer’s block and has to continue working on his dissertation on quantum physics. When he arrives in Trüberbrook, his stay is anything but quiet and relaxed, as a mysterious stranger steals his notes!

Investigating the case, Tannhauser’s runs into quirky villagers, travelers and spa guests and is confronted with tricky tasks more than once. Little by little it dawns on him that he might not have won the trip to Trüberbrook by chance after all.


Trüberbrook is a classic point-and-click adventure game with a modern approach that focuses strongly on the story and the characters. As a player, you’re invited not only to travel to Trüberbrook to solve the mysteries surrounding this beautiful little village, but also to spend some time with some of the bizarre characters you’ll meet, losing yourself in the extraordinary setting and look.

Handmade Scenery


The core of the whole story is the bizarre and superficially gloomy small town of Trüberbrook, somewhere in Germany. This place should definitely get a special and unusual, but also authentic look. Therefore, a rather unusual approach was chosen for a video game: All the locations were lovingly designed in advance and built by hand in the workshop. For several months, set designers worked on the dollhouse-like miniature models.


These were then individually staged and filmed. Among other things, we use small lamps and many colorful foils to simulate different hours of the day, different seasons and weather conditions. We then use a process called photogrammetry to digitize the models.

A lot of work, but that’s how the look of Trüberbrook came about – and that’s special, we think. We warmly invite you to come and visit our beloved little Trüberbrook!


Trüberbrook is available now on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.