Dodge Everything in Hyperdot, an Arcade Game That Balances Challenge With Accessibility

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Looking for a game that’s easy on your eyes but hard on your reflexes? Charles McGregor designed just the experience for you and it’s coming to Xbox One later this year.

“Every time I introduce HyperDot to new players, I sum up the game in two words: ‘dodge everything.’ Usually people laugh,” he explains. “Then they say ‘It can’t be that simple’ — and in a way they’re right. The goal is straightforward, but reaching that goal is not.”


Charles designed HyperDot around two pillars: minimalism and flexibility.

HyperDot‘s minimalist proclivity is clear at a glance—it’s an arcade game stripped down to the essentials. Your avatar is a dot; your goal is to navigate safely through a sea of flat enemy shapes; the only tool at your disposal is movement. Enemies’ patterns and pace are fine-tuned then layered with modifiers in each handcrafted level. Even as challenge and complexity grow as players progress, HyperDot keeps its clean look.


HyperDot‘s flexibility pillar means players have a range of tools to customize their play experience. The level editor lets players calibrate their perfect challenge with more than 1 million enemy, arena, and modifier combinations. HyperDot is also radically accessible; it can be played with seven unique controllers (including the Xbox Adaptive Controller, eye-tracking, tilt, touch, and stylus) and it features a color-blind mode. It was vital to Charles that the largest possible audience could play his game without compromises.

HyperDot was born while procrastinating on a class project. I showed it to some friends and they encouraged me to explore further,” Charles says. “Next thing I knew, I’d poured three years into perfecting it.”

Start honing your dodging expertise now — HyperDot launches on Xbox One in 2019. Visit to stay up to date.