Uncover Ancient Secrets in Valencia, Black Desert’s New Desert Region Update

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The new desert kingdom of Valencia is now available for Adventurers to explore within Black Desert for Xbox One. Gear-up and prepare for harsh temperatures, devastating sandstorms and toughened, hostile desert inhabitants. Valencia is the biggest region update since Mediah, and Adventurers will explore new territories, battle new monsters and bosses, and even be sent to prison. That’s right, prison!

Black Desert - Valencia

One of the exciting new features within Valencia is the new world boss, Kutum. This ancient construct lies burrowed beneath the desert sands, emerging only to hunt Adventurers and bring their journey to an end. Those who succeed in defeating Kutum will have a chance of obtaining rare gear to support them throughout their adventures.

Black Desert - Valencia

Players may feel at a disadvantage trying to defeat the mighty Kutum or the ferocious monsters that lurk within the sands of Valencia, but don’t despair! Absolute Skills have been added for all available classes in Black Desert, enabling adventurers to unleash devastatingly powerful attacks.

Black Desert - Valencia

A different region means different rules. Adventurers who force PvP combat and obtain negative Karma will be marked and can be killed by other Adventurers without penalty. Once killed, marked players will be sent to Pila Ku Prison where they will gain de-buffs and need to work off their sentenced crime. Adventurers can attempt to escape, but beware of Pila Ku Prison’s wardens, who are even more violent than its inmates!

Black Desert - Valencia

Negative Karma has always been an issue for villains within Black Desert. Within the sandy deserts of Valencia lies the town of Muiquun, where all outlaws are welcomed with open arms. Here, outlaws and villains can enjoy all the amenities the town has to offer. Those with positive Karma will find that all the inhabitants of Muiquun don’t take too kindly to their kind.

Black Desert will be available with Xbox Game Pass starting on May 9. For more Black Desert updates, visit our website at xbox.playblackdesert.com.