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[email protected] Launches a New YouTube Channel for Independent Gaming

Today marks the launch of the [email protected] YouTube channel! Click here to give it a visit. With this channel, we are going to present the very best in Independent games coming to Xbox One and Windows PC, and maybe even some fun original programming along the way. [email protected] has been around since 2013 (ed – holy cow has it been that long?). The very first [email protected] game, Strike Suit Zero, shipped on April 4, 2014, and since then we’ve helped Independent developers, both big and small, launch nearly 1,500 games on Xbox.

We know there’s a community out there that’s passionate about Independent gaming – we interact with them every day on social media, at shows and events, on Mixer, and in games. And we’re extremely passionate about Independent games ourselves, if you hadn’t guessed! With this channel we simply want to share stuff that we think is awesome and see what you think. Please feel free to jump in the comments and let us know what you like and want to see more of, and what games you’re excited about.

We’ve created a video to celebrate the launch – check it out to meet some members of the [email protected] and hear what some of our favorite games are. The [email protected] YouTube channel is live now and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the amazing content from Independent games going forward.