Xbox Live

CODE VEIN Trial Edition

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Experience CODE VEIN firsthand in this trial edition. CODE VEIN Overview In the near future, catastrophe strikes as the Thorns of Judgment wreak havoc upon the world. In a closed-off land called "Vein," vampiric revenants fight for and against one another over supplies of blood in order to hold fast to their sanity. Trial Overview 1. Experience the Early Story Explore one of the game's early areas, the Ruined City Underground, all the way through to the boss. 2. Customize Your Character Create your very own revenant using a plethora of customization options—as many as are in the retail version of the game! 3. Explore the Depths Level up your character, upgrade your weapon, choose your blood code and Gifts, and then dive into this highly difficult dungeon! Note: The content of this dungeon differs from the dungeon of the same name in the retail version.