Code Vein

Play the New and Improved Code Vein Demo Today on Xbox One

Since the network test on Xbox One in May, the Code Vein team has been working hard to improve the game experience before releasing the demo on September 3.

First, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the network test and provided survey feedback. This was extremely helpful in getting additional visibility into areas for improvement.

Based on this feedback, the team was able to identify around 30 elements to adjust and improve on. We implemented those changes just in time for the new demo that’s now available on Xbox One!

Code Vein

Improvements to Player Response Actions

Throughout the network test, freedom of character movement was one of players’ main concerns. To address this, the team carefully reviewed all possible actions in the game to identify transitions between various actions that could be smoothed out – such as transition to evasion and combo acceptance timing. Almost all these actions received an overhaul.

Since Code Vein is an action game that focuses on the satisfaction of taking down strong enemies, the team made sure that the adjustments wouldn’t impact this core element of the experience. Through this, they were able to create a combat experience that maintains the tension and excitement.

Improvements to Enemy Attacks

Based on user feedback, the weight of the attacks on enemies was improved by smoothing out animations, adjusting SFX timing, death animations, etc. In particular, the team focused on adding more enemy reactions.

Code Vein

In the test version, only when you hit an enemy with a heavy attack would you see a flinch reaction or knockdown. In the retail version, attacks with small damage will also create small flinch reactions from enemies. Unlike flinches and knockdowns from heavy attacks, the enemy attack will not be interrupted. Due to enemy reactions at each point of impact, the “meatiness” of attacks can be felt better.

Improvements to Status Identifiers and Camera

The team’s objective was to make it easier to understand your status during exploration and battle. In addition to various UI adjustments, the camera behavior was improved.

Compared to the network test, the camera is now placed a little farther from the player, allowing them to better perceive their surroundings. In addition, when approaching an enemy that is locked-on, it will take on a more natural bird’s eye view. This makes it easier to determine enemy distance.

Code Vein

With all these general improvements, various actions should feel much easier to execute.

Now it’s time to create a bloodthirsty Revenant in your likeness and explore the first part of The Depths in the Code Vein demo! And don’t be afraid to spend hours perfecting your character – it will carry over to the full game.

Stay tuned for more content coming in the demo and be ready to rise in the face of certain death when Code Vein comes to Xbox One September 27.