Code Vein

3 Key Tips to Help You Deal with Allies and Enemies in Code Vein

Prepare to fight to survive in the action RPG Code Vein! After a mysterious disaster destroys the world as we know it, you and the remaining survivors – Revenants – must find a way to stay alive in a land filled with ferocious monsters known as the Lost. To persevere in this harsh world, you can partner with a fellow Revenant to increase your collective strength in battle with coordinated attacks and support.

For those of you who are curious about how to deal with different friends and foes in your adventure, here are a few pointers to help you navigate the world of Code Vein.

Code Vein

It’s All About Those Status Symbols

When taking on the Lost, often the initial damage they can inflict is only part of the story. Some enemies can inflict various status attacks that can hinder you on your path to victory. These can include poisoning, slow, and leak (which slowly reduces your Ichor count) just to name a few.

While playing, keep a close eye on whether a status has been inflicted by checking the lower portion of the screen. This location will enumerate all your character’s status changes, with positive buffs appearing in blue and negative changes appearing in red. In addition, you can see the status changes for your partner beneath their icon.

Code Vein

Friends to the End

Having a buddy available to resurrect you in the heat of battle can be the difference in victory or defeat. It may be wise to always try to hold at least two Ichor so you can cast a revive gift on your partner, ensuring that they will be around for a chance to “rez” you back.

Getting to Know You

When at your Home Base, you might notice that you can give presents to NPCs in exchange for items that they hold. Though you can give anyone anything, specific items will garner you more points for trading.

Code Vein

Pay close attention to their conversations, items they may send you, and moments in their unlocked memories. This may give you a clue to what items they have a strong affinity for. This can be crucial is you want to get some rare crafting materials or other special items they may be willing to part with.

Don’t forget to use these three helpful tips to help you find your way to victory on your journey.

Code Vein is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.