Neverwinter: Uprising

Neverwinter: Uprising is an Exciting Story from the D&D Universe Featuring a Rebellion and Dragons in Space

A never-ending war between the fierce Githyanki and their former overlords – the powerful Illithid – has overflowed into the iconic dungeon of Undermountain. Both groups are searching for a powerful and ancient artifact that allows entry into a fortress city contained in the chaotic plane of Limbo. Either faction gaining access to this bastion of the Githzerai order would be disastrous. While the Githyanki and Githzerai share common ancestry, philosophical differences have driven the two into civil war, but some have seen the larger picture and set their differences aside.

A small band of unified Gith, composed of both Githyanki and Githzerai, seek to recover the artifact and undermine both opposing factions, enlisting the help of brave Adventurers to achieve this goal. Avoiding this catastrophe can only be accomplished by operating behind enemy lines, but your base of operations will be Stardock – a Gith fortress built into an asteroid, and guarded by dragons. That’s right – there are dragons… in space!

Neverwinter: Uprising

New Forces in Neverwinter

In expanding our list of iconic Dungeons & Dragons stories and creating a new module centered around the conflict between these two iconic races – this latest update introduces the Gith as a brand new playable race. We are excited to announce that this brand new playable race will be available alongside the Xbox One launch of Neverwinter: Uprising!

The new Gith race will be free for a limited time:

  • Free to Neverwinter VIP players for the first 2 weeks of the update (October 1 – October 15)
  • Free to everyone (including VIP players) for the following 2 weeks (October 15 – October 29)
  • After October 29, players who didn’t log in for the free Gith unlock will have to buy a pack to access to this race.

Neverwinter: Uprising

The War, and the End Game

All of this conflict between the unified Gith and forces of the Githyanki and Illithid raiders has caught the attention of Undermountain’s creator – the Mad Mage Halaster Blackcloak. Halaster is none too happy that Adventurers have bested his apprentices in Undermountain, and are now causing a commotion in his dungeon. The Mad Mage has summoned you to his personal tower, culminating in a new, end-game trial. The Tower will pit 10 hardy Adventurers against the ruler and architect of Undermountain. Emerge victorious and you can earn the powerful Lionheart weapons, the strongest in the game yet!

Neverwinter: Uprising

More to Uprising

In addition to the Uprising story and the end-game trial, we’ve introduced a number of quality-of-life updates to the game with this release. The appearance system has been overhauled in order to make all of your gear, across all of your characters, look in tip-top shape. The early game tutorial and leveling experience have been revamped to improve flow for all players. Lastly, this update introduces a new PvP map set in Stardock, and Neverwinter will soon offer PvP seasons offering great rewards.

Neverwinter is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store as a free to play title. Click here for additional details.