State of Decay 2 Introduces the Outfit Customization Update

Everyone knows that the hardest part of surviving the zombie apocalypse is losing your favorite hoodie or flannel. Never again will you lose that cherished puffy vest when a survivor meets an untimely end because today we’re introducing outfit customization for all State of Decay 2 players.

The Outfit Customization Update introduces the ability to change the clothing on your community members. Every player gets a closet full of hats and outfits, with plenty more available by scavenging or completing bounties. Want to customize each survivor with the perfect look to match their personality? You can do it. Prefer to equip your entire community with matching uniforms to let everyone know what team they’re on? That’s your call! You can also change outfits on your Heartland survivors, your Red Talon recruits from Daybreak, and across multiple communities.

There are 81 new hats and outfits added to State of Decay 2, meaning 1,530 possible combinations. But that’s not all – log in to the game any time between October 24 and October 31 for a very horrific, limited-time Halloween outfit unlock.

This update also includes several new weapons, including firearms, melee weapons, and close-combat weapons. You may notice that many of these lean into the creepy vibe of the Halloween season. Talk to Cash Beaumont, the Bounty Broker, to find out how you can earn these weapons for your community.

If you haven’t joined the community just yet, now’s a great time to get in on all the action. In addition to playing State of Decay 2 with Xbox Game Pass, you can purchase the Standard Edition for $29.99 USD and the Ultimate Edition for $49.99 USD. As an Xbox Play Anywhere game, one digital purchase gets you both the Xbox One and the Windows 10 version of the game.

Grab your beanie and leather jacket because it’s time to answer the one question that matters – How Will You Survive? In style!