MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers

Expanding the Designed for Xbox Ecosystem to Mobile Gaming

As Kareem Choudhry shared last month, our vision for Project xCloud is to empower gamers to play the games they want, with the people they want, anywhere they want. We’re building this technology so gamers can decide when and how they play. While the technology is a huge part of this experience, another important component is the physical hardware that you use to play your games, and when it comes to Xbox accessories, we always believe in providing choice for gamers.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we will be expanding the Designed for Xbox ecosystem to include mobile gaming. Our Designed for Xbox program enables collaborations with top-tier hardware partners to deliver not only choice but also the best possible Xbox gaming experiences across console, PC, and now, mobile.

What does this mean for gamers interested in Project xCloud (Preview)? Well, soon there will be a wide array of Xbox-branded partner devices that are focused on mobile gaming – think controller clips, mobile-first controllers, and other hardware optimized for phones and tablets. We are working on a roadmap of products with experienced partners and are currently in talks with 8bitDo, Gamevice, HORI, PowerA, Razer, and more, to explore creating the best possible hardware experiences for Project xCloud.

MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers
MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers

The first Designed for Xbox product created with Project xCloud in mind is the MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers. Designed in partnership with the Xbox Industrial Design team, this is an adjustable clip made to fit all Xbox Wireless Controllers that secures your phone in place while you play. Expertly engineered, the clip features dual locking articulation points so you can always set up the perfect viewing angle and fits most phones up to 3.12” (79mm) wide. By combining this clip with a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox Wireless Controller, you’ll have a comfortable and familiar way to use precision input when gaming on the go. The MOGA Mobile Gaming Clip for Xbox Wireless Controllers will launch in November and is available to preorder now from Microsoft Stores and other select retailers in the United States and United Kingdom for $14.99 USD.

Going forward, we are continuing to work on expanding the compatibility of our official Xbox Wireless Controller to more mobile platforms. At this moment, when using your Xbox controller with a mobile device, your performance may vary depending on the device and the mobile operating system version. Apple recently began supporting the Xbox Wireless Controller across iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and tvOS 13 or later, and we’re excited to continue this partnership.

We’re looking forward to sharing more partner products in the future as the public preview of Project xCloud expands. Stay tuned!