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Fishing Planet Update: New Motorboats, Waterway, and Fish


  • Experience Fishing Planet from a fresh perspective and explore waterways with cool motorboats
  • Now you can indulge in actual carp fishing and hunt on these bottom dwellers
  • Explore a fantastic fishing getaway on an entirely new destination in the UK called Weeping Willow Fisheries

Big hello from Fishing Planet to all anglers around the world! We’re excited to present you the recent update Fishing Planet had!

And we certainly hope that you’ll have immense fun exploring all of the game’s new features that we prepared in this update: motorboats, carp fishing, new stunning waterway, even more fish species along with a set of new missions! Here’s a bit more in-detail scoop on the update.

Fishing Planet

So, first off, now you can experience Fishing Planet from a fresh perspective and explore waterways with cool motorboats! We introduced three new types of boats that all vary in various params, like speed and durability: metal flat bottomed motorboats, rubber inflatable motorboats, and bassboats that are equipped with the best bassboat edition sonars and can develop the highest speed of all motorboats.

What’s especially exciting is that all motorboats may be equipped with different types of sonars that vary by color themes, speed readings and fish tracking parameters.

Fishing Planet

Aside from motorboats, now you can indulge in actual carp fishing and hunt on these bottom dwellers, that are such a fun challenge to catch! This means, that we introduced entirely new tackle categories and other cool carp fishing stuff. 

Thirdly, you can now have a fantastic fishing getaway on an entirely new destination in the UK called Weeping Willow Fisheries. Located in the Kent County of South East England, the Weeping Willow Fisheries encompasses a total of five match lakes, which are mostly man-made reservoirs that surround the one naturally occurring Willow Lake with an old weeping willow growing right in the middle of it! 

Fishing Planet

Of course, we couldn’t do without introducing some new fish that many anglers are so passionate about! We’re talking about the Hybrid F1 Carp, (which is a freshwater hybrid cross of Common Carp and Crucian Carp), Golden Tench, and Albino Ghost Carp (another amazing cross, but this time between Common carp and Japanese Koi Carp).

And last, but not least, we added two new types of missions: Exploration and Mastering! The purpose of these is to further enhance your angling skills and help you take them to as far as pro level. You’ll have to meticulously explore rivers, lakes and other waterways as you combine any fishing equipment and gear available, catch a whole collection of various fish species and earn the Explorer title for each of the mission places! 

Tight lines and enjoy!

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