Trove Snowfest: Flamotrons, Horned Rumpfus, and Troval Warming

Trovians, Qubesly is desperate for your help to preserve the glittering, glistening world of ice necessary to make Trove’s Snowfest the beautiful event it is. Come help him fight Troval Warming through a seven-quest two-week adventure chain.

You will need to test your skill, will and patience against the harrowing Horned Rumpfus, fight the fierce Flamotrons and help Qubesly secure Subzero Snowflakes in the process.


Sweat through all three new and unique NPC adventures every day for Snowy Seals, and craft them into special Mounts or Frosty Treasure Boxes that are sure to cool you right off.

Your Subzero Snowflakes can be crafted into Saged Snowballs that will turn even the most raging of creatures from naughty to nice.


Special rewards await you for logging in every day. Claim them all to enhance your player power- we’ve got you covered, from upgrading your Gems to defeating the deepest of shadows.

For the first time in Snowfest history, your adventures will take you to another world. Geode Topside’s dangers are multitude, and you will need to face them all to emerge victorious!


Find yourself present among presents in all biomes, and see the woods for the trees: Present and Tree dungeons are back! Enjoy these festive newcomers to Trove’s various worlds. Have you seen them all?

Whether you’re looking for a giddy ally or wanting to rock out like Rudolph, come on over to Trove. We’ve got purr-fect Snowfest spirit to make your season merry and bright!

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