Xbox Ambassadors Pledge

Xbox Ambassadors Pledge to Make Gaming Fun for Everyone

Xbox Ambassadors positively transform gaming culture by sharing good vibes throughout the community. Signing the Pledge represents the willingness to be a community steward through inclusive action that creates welcoming spaces everyone can enjoy. Signing the Pledge is now a requirement to becoming an Xbox Ambassador to ensure that title continues to represent the mission to make gaming fun for everyone.

Xbox Ambassadors Pledge
  • Be inclusive and welcoming to all gamers
  • Promote a safe environment on Xbox that everyone can enjoy
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of everyone in the gaming community
  • Advocate for responsible and accessible gaming
  • Positively represent the Xbox Ambassadors community online
  • And, above all else: Make gaming fun for everyone

Always Committed

These six principles are nothing new for Xbox Ambassadors. This positive community has always committed to these values–now it’s just more official. For example, MissDeusGeek, an Xbox Ambassador, represents these principles through her support for diversity and inclusivity in the gaming community.

Xbox Ambassadors Pledge

As an educator for TenForward, an after-school technology lounge for children, she helps to dispel the notion that gaming is only for boys. Seeing groups like Women in Gaming and Microsoft’s philosophy of Gaming for Everyone, she wanted to connect with more women and girls who play games. Feeling void of a strong community that involved women and girls who were passionate about Xbox, she launched Women of Xbox which focuses solely on female and non-binary Xbox gamers.

MissDeusGeek’s vision for the Women of Xbox group is to strengthen community ties, share the love of Xbox gaming and empower female gamers. Beyond this vision she aims to grow this community worldwide to bring more female Xbox gamers together and support one another.

Similar to MissDeusGeek, Xbox Ambassador, PalmettoBling, supports the Xbox Ambassadors pledge by promoting online safety.

Xbox Ambassadors Pledge

With two kids beginning to play games online, he was inspired to share his knowledge and expertise in gaming, online safety, and privacy to other parents at his local PTA.

By using his own knowledge and experience, PalmettoBling wanted to be a resource available to his community and local school. During his presentation he shared security controls to parents and informed them these controls help protect and guide children as they play in the gaming space. PalmettoBling also emphasized that parents should encourage their kids to make the gaming space a friendly and welcoming place for everyone to play in.

MissDeusGeek and PalmettoBling are two Xbox Ambassadors who have been, and will continue to be inclusive and welcoming to all gamers, advocate for responsible and accessible gaming, promote a safe environment on Xbox, celebrate the uniqueness of everyone, and above all else: make gaming fun for everyone.

From Commitment to Action

With the Xbox Ambassadors Pledge in place, the future of the Xbox community is bright. The Xbox Ambassadors community is about taking action and pursuing impactful experiences to make gaming fun for everyone. This community is well on its way to revolutionizing the way gamers interact with each other online and ultimately make Xbox the best place to play. Together, we can transform gaming culture and make gaming fun for everyone.

To learn more about the Xbox Ambassadors pledge, check out the announcement here.

For more information about the Xbox Ambassadors community go to and let’s make Xbox fun for everyone, together.