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Rocket Pass 6 Has Gone Cybernetic on Xbox One

Rocket Pass 6 is speeding into the future. Check out the most wanted ride, Ronin, in the Rocket Pass 6 trailer and unlock it immediately with Rocket Pass Premium!

Rocket League

Rocket Pass Premium grants access to 70 tiers of futuristic items inspired by science fiction, like the HoloData Boost, UFO Engine Audio and the Rad Rock Goal Explosion. Plus, complete three additional Weekly Challenges only found in Rocket Pass Premium to unlock Tiers even faster. Rocket Pass Premium also comes with 1,000 credits to use in Rocket League‘s item shop or to unlock additional Rocket Pass tiers.

Rocket League

Rocket Pass 6 available until July 15 so get your car on the cutting edge today. New to Rocket League? Download the game today on the Microsoft Store at 50% off now through April 20. Take to the field, party-up with your friends and climb the ranks in competitive playlists, or check out the Extra Modes that change up the soccer gameplay!

Rocket League is ready for the future with Rocket Pass 6. How far will you go?

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