Lost in Random

Play the Odds in Lost in Random, an Upcoming EA Originals Title from Zoink

Get ready to roll in Lost in Random, a dark and slightly twisted fairy tale about a courageous girl named Even, her plucky sidekick Dicey, and their quest to break the curse of Random. Created by Zoink, an award-winning studio located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this game will take you on a journey through the kingdom of Random, a maddening place where the rules that govern your future can suddenly change with the roll of a dice.

In an interview with Zoink, we learned that they have a very organic creation process for their games. When it came to Lost in Random, they were more interested in exploring a mood or a feeling as their starting point, instead of setting out with a set of predefined game mechanics.  Ultimately, their inspiration for Lost in Random came from a love of exploration of the strange and unusual through art.

Once Zoink found their inspiration, their creative vision centered around creating a dreamlike world which was slightly strange and foreboding, like something you’d find in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. They began with the idea of randomness; what if someone’s life was shaped by something as chaotic as the throw of a dice? And how would that work in a game?

Uncertainty is present in all our lives and something that we all must live with and adapt to. Zoink decided to take that theme and modify it a little, creating a fun game that also gives players the feeling of power over chaos.

While the team isn’t sharing too many details at the moment, they are really excited for what’s to come and for players to meet and learn about Lost in Random’s protagonists, Even and Dicey. These two characters are very different, but together they make an amazing pair.

Zoink is also excited to bring more gameplay features to light in the coming months. For now, we know that rolling your dice can really open your options and present you with some exciting opportunities in battle.

Players will need to take chances, play the odds, and think on their toes to survive. And the fact that you’ll never know how the dice will roll is all part of the excitement.