Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection

Introducing the DLC Expansions in Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection on Xbox One

Hey there, evil minions – hope you’ve been working hard on your plans for world domination since we were last here. If you read our blog last week then you’ll know the basic premise of Dungeons 3: build your dungeon, lay traps and raise an army, slay heroes, unicorns and other fluffy things, and conquer the colourful fantasy overworld – transforming it in your own hellish image.

You’ll also be familiar with Thalya – the elven priestess converted by the Absolute Evil to abandon her old heroic way of life to become its greatest lieutenant and commander of its dark army.

But what’s to come when everything good in the world has been squashed, defeated and extinguished? In Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection, the end of the initial campaign really is only the beginning, and there are plenty more adventures awaiting you in the seven bonus DLC expansions bundled in with this definitive edition of the game. Today we’ll introduce you to the first three DLCs to give you an idea of the goodies lying in wait. Let’s get to it!

Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection

Once Upon a Time is a story-based expansion that sees Thalya and the Absolute Evil travel to Fairyland to kill the Good Fairy, who has been supplying the local heroes with an endless supply of potions. The campaign takes place over three new maps, and can be a bit tricky if you haven’t played through the main game and honed your evil skills to perfection. The heroes come thick and fast in this challenging new chapter, and you’ll need to make use up some exploding sheep (oh yes) if you want to put an end to the fairy menace.

You might have guessed that we’re pretty big on pop culture references, and that theme continues quite nicely with Evil of the Caribbean, which throws in little nods to a certain major pirate movie franchise and even a cosmic entity that has had a massive influence on the horror genre. In this chapter, Thalya gets away to a sunny resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation, but it turns out that Absolute Evil owed a debt to a local pirate, and it’s up to Thalya to find a way out of it.

We thought we’d look at a trilogy of DLC expansions for this blog so it’s only fitting that we finish with Lord of the Kings. This expansion changes things up right from the start, allowing you to take control of the good guys for once! King Arcturus has returned from a successful quest for the Holy Grail, but is devastated to learn that the Absolute Evil has taken over his kingdom in his absence.

Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection

We were really proud of the variety we packed into this DLC. Starting off playing the heroes is a real change of pace from the rest of the game, but after this mission you are soon put back in command of the forces of darkness as you take part in a relentless survival mission. The final chapter then sees you take part in an epic final MOBA-inspired battle complete with tower defence mechanics.

Hopefully you can see that there’s a lot of extra (evil) fun to be had in Dungeons 3 even after the initial credits roll – and there are still four more DLCs to go! I’ll be back with more info on those next week when we celebrate the return of the Absolute Evil in Dungeons 3 – Complete Collection, arriving June 26 on Xbox One.