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Cut Down Hydra in the New Warface Update on Xbox One


  • Warface launches the free Hydra update on Xbox One.
  • It’s a back-to-basics mission pitting three players against 20 enemy waves.
  • Exclusive Hydra rewards can be unlocked, including themed weapons.

After the space-faring thrills of the Mars update, we’re bringing Warface crashing back down to Earth for a classic assault on Blackwood! The Hydra update, available today on Xbox One, is full of dangerous challenges, waves of deadly enemies, and a host of Hydra-themed weapons to add to your arsenal.

We pick up the story as Blackwood forces capture the sabotage squad Vega 5 and Agent Noda, who were responsible for stopping the murder of colonists on Mars. Now, they’re holed up with their hostages in the Hydra naval base, a fortress in the middle of the ocean defended by impassable artillery. As Warface deploys the Sigma-3 unit to take control of the base, Blackwood summons every echelon of Hydra to wipe them out…

After several story-focused updates featuring everything from space travel and colonization to cyborg soldiers, we wanted to deliver a back to basics, meaty new Warface mission with guns galore and enemies everywhere. Unlike other Special Operations, Operation Hydra only requires three players to team up, allowing for tighter co-operation, more tactical class combinations, and faster queue times.

Throughout Operation Hydra, Blackwood will deploy up to 20 waves of enemy soldiers, cyborgs, and mini-bosses, each more punishing and persistent than the last. You simply have to defend a terminal in the middle of the base, and withstand everything Blackwood sends your way before finally facing down a powerful boss waiting in the depths of Hydra.

As you eradicate waves and earn new combat achievements, you’ll rack up resources that can be used to repair the terminal, and purchase weapons and defenses like grenade launchers, defense turrets, lasers, and ballistic shields to help repel and attack the Blackwood forces. Special instances may occur across the base, including power outages, sudden smoke screens or poisonous gas, and denser enemy hordes. You’ll have to adapt your strategies on the go if you want to survive!

After you complete the tenth wave of enemies, you’ll begin to earn rewards like temporary and permanent Hydra weapons. This new weapon series includes classic weapons styled on the serpentine namesake of the Hydra base, and also a chance to add the brand-new Typhoon F12 Custom to your collection. If you manage to register 10,000 kills with a Hydra weapon, you’ll also earn unique stripes!

Are you ready to join Sigma-3 on the Hydra base? Download the free Hydra update on Xbox One today to get stuck in! If you’re new to Warface, it’s free-to-play and available now from the Microsoft Store.