Little Hope Hero image

Little Hope, the Next Game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, and its Branching Narrative

We have had a fantastic response to our new Dark Pictures game Little Hope.  I know everyone is excited to learn more about it and today I wanted to talk to you about Shared Story mode and how the game changes depending on the choices you make. 

All the games in The Dark Pictures Anthology are designed with multiplayer in mind, so every game will have a Solo Story, a Shared Story, where 2 friends can play together online, and Movie Night where up to 5 players can play couch co-op and take it in turns with different characters.

What makes The Dark Pictures games really unique is how the choices you make determine how the story unfolds and also determine how the story ends. All of The Dark Pictures games have multiple branching paths and are designed with replayability in mind, both in single and multiplayer modes. 

In Shared Story mode you and a friend play together, sharing the same story – and it is just that.  As players sometimes you are together, sometime apart, and sometime in completely different locations but the choices both of you make determine how your story unfolds.

The great thing about Shared Story is that this gives you a totally different perspective on the game which is different to that of Solo Story. In Solo Story you alone are making all the decisions whereas in Shared Story you are adding in another human element to the game. Not all choices are now your own and what your playing partner will decide to do is up to them… but their choice still has a bearing on the same story. 

We have watched a lot of people play our games in Shared Story and it’s interesting to see how people decide to play it.  Often people will decide to talk to each other all the way through in order to get a better understanding of both players perspective, sometimes friends decide to kill off a character and have to explain where the character went to their friend! Ultimately, playing in this way gives you a huge variety of choices and replayability.

The Dark Pictures games will always pose you with some difficult moral dilemmas and Little Hope is certainly no exception to that rule.  In our branching video, we have given you a small taste of what to expect in the final game. The moral dilemmas will often be tied into a life and death scenario. Often it isn’t about a good or a bad choice, but which is the least worst choice!!

At this point in the videos you can see our characters have crossed a broken and dilapidated bridge, their route takes them down towards the river but something is waiting for them in the cold and murky depths. 

This short scene perfectly demonstrates some of the difficult choices you will receive in Little Hope – in this instance as Andrew you can choose to save Angela or John and there are repercussions to either choice.  Who will you save?!?

So thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy this series of branching videos, we are really excited for people to play Little Hope on Xbox, digital pre-orders are now live and we can’t for it to release on October 30.