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Bless Unleashed’s Fall Update Arrives Alongside New Bless Pass Season Dream Harvest

Bless Unleashed’s Fall Update is here, and I’m very happy to tell you all about it! Our update is chock full of some major quality of life improvements as well as some new content for players to enjoy. On top of this, the latest Bless Pass Season, Dream Harvest, begins today!

Guild Trials

One of the things I am most excited about in this update is the addition of Guild Trials. For those who may not be familiar with Bless Unleashed, Trials are Bless’ in-game achievements. While they won’t add to your gamer score, Trials come with some pretty nifty in-game rewards including gold, guild experience, and special guild benefits you can purchase using in-game gold like mounts, or even the ability to increase the number of players who can join your guild!

Bless Unleashed

Guild Trials also provide guilds with more challenges to overcome together, which is what we’re most excited about here. Whether you’re gathering mats, hunting Field Bosses, or tackling the toughest dungeons in Bless Unleashed, Guild Trials offer more incentive to work together with your guild.

Quality of Life Improvements

Our new update is also chock full of new improvements meant to improve your experience while playing Bless Unleashed. We’re implementing a new hotbar system to help players access more mounts, emotes, and consumables faster than they were able to previously through a ring menu system. We’re improving the way you access your favorite costumes, updating the end of dungeon UI to better show off your stats, adding the ability to change Blessings at Soul Pyres, and a host of other conveniences which are sure to improve your time playing Bless Unleashed. We’re also taking some time to address player feedback by updating the rules for dungeon removals to be more player friendly, an ability to surrender to a dungeon so you can leave without penalty, and so much more!

Bless Unleashed

New Content

Of course, no update is complete without new challenges to conquer. Our Fall Update is introducing the Abyssal version of the Sundered Sanctuary: Halls of the Eclipse, and a brand new two person Arena Challenge for you to test your mettle against. You may have been able to defeat the Vessel of Kuat Ran once, but can you do so in an Abyssal Dungeon?

Bless Pass Season Dream Harvest

Tomorrow will also begin the start of Bless Pass Season Dream Harvest! A shorter season than normal, the Dream Harvest season will last for only six weeks. We’ve still packed it chock full with tons of useful consumable items to help adventurers out on their journeys through Lumios. While all players will have access to a basic Bless Pass for free, players can also choose to enhance their Bless Pass. Enhancing your Bless Pass will unlock even more rewards, including the Dreamgazer Goat, an exclusive mount to help speed your adventure through Bless Unleashed!

Bless Unleashed

Whether you’re a new or returning player, Bless Unleashed’s Fall Update is sure to bring you new challenges, adventures, and even better experience for free! Do you think you have what it takes to tackle these new challenges? The only way to know is to gather your allies and experience Bless Unleashed’s Fall Update for yourself!

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