Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal – New Master Level is Available Now, Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Prepare yourselves: The Super Gore Nest Master Level is available now. Experience a fresh new challenge and the chance to earn cool rewards. That’s not all! More Slayers will join the fray December 3 when Doom Eternal arrives with Xbox Game Pass for PC! 

New Master Level: Super Gore Nest 

Like previous Master Levels, the Super Gore Nest Master Level takes the original you know and love from Doom Eternal’s campaign and gives it a remix – adding more big bads and changing up combat encounters for a fresh, fast, and frenzied combat experience. 

Conquer Challenges, Earn Rewards 

Show off your Master Level prowess to the world by taking on the Super Gore Nest Master Level’s various difficulties and modes. Each time you complete one of these challenges, you unlock a special cosmetic reward and get closer to Super Gore Nest’s ultimate prize: The Gold Combat Shotgun skin. 

Can You Beat the Classic Mode Challenge? 

In addition to the modes and difficulties that are familiar to fans, Super Gore Nest features a brand-new mode never seen before in a Master Level! In Classic Mode, players relive Doom’s old-school origins and must beat the level like it’s 1993 all over again. 

Doom Eternal

That means you start Super Gore Nest with just the Combat Shotgun, fighting your way through the map and earning back every gun and mod on-site until you reach maximum demon-slaying capacity! Complete Super Gore Nest on Classic Mode and you’ll receive the Classic Green Slayer skin (and our respect.) 

Doom Eternal is Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC 

In October, we were ecstatic to bring Doom Eternal to Xbox Game Pass and see a new wave of Slayers join the war to save humanity from demonic invasion. Now, we’re pleased to announce that Doom Eternal will be joining Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3, offering members the chance to play Doom Eternal’s award-winning campaign, challenge friends in BattleMode and of course, take on the Classic Mode gauntlet in the Super Gore Nest Master Level. 

The Super Gore Nest Master Level for Doom Eternal is available now. For more news on all things Doom and the chance to unlock in-game content in Doom Eternal, join the Slayers Club today!