Smite’s Newest Hunter Brings Mischief in the Latest Update

Danzaburou, the Legendary Tanuki, is the newest god to join Smite’s Japanese Pantheon – now available on Xbox One!

This trickster is ready to bring godly shenanigans to the Battleground. With a sly grin and big belly, Danazburou is a cheerful bake-danuki, a supernatural and legendary tanuki, that carries tricks up his sleeve and a rocket launcher in his back pocket. The team wanted to create a fun creature with a snarky and wise guy personality. Danzaburou plays the comic relief in Smite during the dark season lore brought by Cthulhu.


Danzaburou’s kit emphasizes his trickster theme. He rolls out explosive money bags, takes swigs from his sake bottle, and turns into a leaf among decoy leaves to evade his enemies. And, as I mentioned before, he has a rocket launcher! Danzaburou will summon a magical leaf that will transform into a large bamboo rocket, damaging enemy gods. Danzaburou is a fun, explosive character, and I’m looking forward to seeing amazing plays from the community.

This update will also feature Danzaburou’s first skin: Don Zaburou Danzaburou. He’ll be available in the Smite Friends Event. This event will celebrate Smite’s many friendships like Ymir and Danzaburou, who just happen to be brand new besties. By purchasing the skins in the event, you’ll also get a Gift Token to send a gift to a friend in Smite, just in time for the holidays!


Speaking of holidays, get into the festive spirit with 25 Days of Smite. We’ll have a new in-game event or sale every day until Christmas. Make sure to login for this countdown and even pick up a present for yourself.

From the Titan Forge Team, thank you for an amazing year. We hope you love Danzaburou and the last update for Season 7. We’ll be back in 2021 to unveil Smite Season 8. Tune into our Hi-Rez Presents on January 7, 2021 at 3:30 PM ET to get a first look. This has been Smite’s best year ever and we’re happy that you stuck with us during these unprecedented times. See you in the Battleground!