It Takes Two

Five Reasons to Hop on the Wildest Co-Op Ride of Your Life in It Takes Two


  • It Takes Two is available now! Grab a friend and hop on a wild trip in this new co-op action adventure from the award-winning creators of A Way Out.
  • Friends join online co-op for free (and everyone can try out the first level for free!) with Friend’s Pass.
  • Here are our top five reasons to get together for a crazy adventure on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S now.

1. You’ve never played anything like It Takes Two

It Takes Two boasts an insane variety of genre-bending challenges and character abilities to master in every new level – and they’re all connected to the story. The experience could be described as a metaphorical merging of gameplay and narrative. Everything that the clashing couple/humans-turned-into-dolls Cody and May encounter in this magical world – be it the gameplay challenges, adversaries, or locations – is a reflection of their broken relationship. Therefore, you’ll never know what you’re up against next in your journey to fix it.

2. Experience pure co-op perfection

It Takes Two’s co-op is no afterthought. Quite the opposite – this adventure is tailored exclusively for innovative co-operative gameplay. So grab a friend or a family member and play together in split-screen on the couch or online. Communicating, working together, and combining your abilities will be the only way forward – just as in any relationship! And remember, It Takes Two supports cross-gen online play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

3. Friends join online co-op for free with Friend’s Pass

It’s only fair that if a game requires two players, one of them plays for free. That’s why you won’t have to buy the game twice to enjoy It Takes Two together in online co-op. If you own the full game, just have your friend download the Friend’s Pass version for free. Then, send an invitation to play and enjoy the entire adventure together!

If you want to try it out before purchase, both of you can download the Friend’s Pass to play the first level for free.

4. Meet a strange cast of characters in a crazy and light-hearted story about love

Ever played a rom-com game before? About a divorcing couple turned into dolls by their daughter? Taking place in a magical world where the inhabitants include a talking book claiming to be an “expert on love”, a vengeful vacuum cleaner, a mob of gangster rodents, a pirate octopus, and many others? Where you can turn into a rolling tomato, fly a pair of underpants, and blow up an army of angry wasps with said rodents’ explosive arsenal? No? Now this is your chance!

It’s a crazy, hilarious, and heartfelt story that’s ultimately about one thing: that we’re better together.

5. It’s created by the visionaries behind award-winning games such as A Way Out

Hazelight is an independent game development studio founded by Josef Fares, film director and creator of the award-winning game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. In 2018, Hazelight released the BAFTA award-winning A Way Out. And now, it’s time to get together and buckle up for a wild ride in It Takes Two – Hazelight’s most ambitious game yet.

Buy It Takes Two for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S today on the Microsoft Store for Xbox and get ready for a wild co-op adventure! With Friend’s Pass, invite someone who you’d like to share this genre-bending, mind-blowing, co-op only platform adventure with – for free!