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So Many Games! What We Shared At /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox

Hero asset for /twitchgaming showcase: ID@Xbox

Editor’s Note (March 29, 2021): We’ve updated the name of Coffeenauts’ game to Spacelines from the Far Out.

Wow, what a show! We held our very first /twitchgaming and ID@Xbox showcase that spotlighted over 60 games coming to Xbox, including over 20 of your favorite indie games that will launch day one with Xbox Game Pass. The show was also filled with developer interviews, awesome new announcements, as well as new trailers and gameplay. Our very own Senior Director of ID@Xbox Chris Charla also shared that independent developers have earned over $2 billion dollars since the program’s inception and the release of over 2,000 titles with ID@Xbox. ICYMI, you can watch the full event here.

Check out the rad interviews for a closer look at these anticipated ID@Xbox games:

Over 20 Games from Independent Developers Launching Day One With Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is the best way to discover new games from different genres and artistic styles. We’re stoked so many independently developed games (and many more to come!) have already been introduced to the Xbox Game Pass community of over 18 million members. Check out this post here to see all of your favorite ID@Xbox games launching day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Over 60 Games Coming to Xbox

Didn’t catch the names of all the games during the event? Check out the montage below for a glimpse of the games as well as a list of the games shown during the showcase, so you can get them added to your wish list. For a list of all your favorite indie games coming to the Xbox Game Pass library, head over to our post.

Thank you for tuning in to our very first ID@Xbox and /twitchgaming showcase. Stay connected to ID@Xbox by following us on our Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Discord, and Twitch channel. Continue to be engaged with our Game Pass community by following them on their Twitter and Instagram. We’re looking forward to providing more updates on more games from independent game developers this year and beyond.

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