A New Champion Arrives To Unite The Realm in the Latest Paladins Update

As the cosmic entity Yagorath devours everything in her path, the Realm struggles to fight back and survive her terrifying assault. However, in its darkest hour, a new force steps onto the battlefield to stand against the corruption of The Maw and bring hope back to the Realm. She is Octavia the Indomitable, the newest playable Paladins Champion!

Octavia is the elite commander of the Magistrate’s forces and has risen the ranks through grit, determination, and iron will. She is the first to the fight and last to leave and never abandons anyone in the heat of battle. She values discipline, honor, and most of all, human life. Though she may carry the banner of the Magistrate, she fights for all who reside in the Realm and is determined to unite the Resistance and Magistrate to repel the dark threats of The Maw. Octavia has the tactical knowledge and battlefield prowess needed to stop Yagorath, and her time is now.

Octavia is the latest damage Champion to join Paladins and is equipped with a DMR, a semi-automatic scoped rifle that can dish out high damage at mid and long ranges. At the start of a match, Octavia can choose between four different passive abilities that will give her whole team a bonus, allowing players to make a tactical choice that will give their squad the upper hand.

Octavia brings other tools into the fray such as her Distortion Field, a dome she can throw down that covers a wide area. While in this dome, allies are hidden and enemies are disoriented, allowing Octavia to isolate firefights and protect her teammates from oppressive fire. Octavia herself also has a leap ability that launches her into the air, allowing her to quickly move to new vantage points. While in the air, if Octavia aims down her scope, she will hover for a brief moment, allowing her to fire off some well-placed shots. Finally, Octavia’s ultimate ability calls down a barrage of lasers in a line in front of her, damaging enemies that don’t scramble to get out of the way and giving her team some breathing room.


In addition to Octavia, this update also launches our first ever Event Pass, titled Game On. Event Passes will replace Battle Passes going forward, and allow us to offer more frequent content updates with more impactful rewards for players to unlock. This first Event Pass is a celebration of all things gaming, from retro games to virtual reality to flashy PC setups. Players can unlock Avatar Androxus and Full Dive Ying along with more than 20 other rewards such as alternate versions of each skin!

This update also debuts a completely new challenge system titled Trials of the Realm, which features a map of key territories within the Realm that Paladins players will recognize. Different locales will unlock weekly, each with unique challenges for players to work towards. These challenges grant rewards upon completion and can be attempted by all players, whether they own the Event Pass or not. Make sure you check back each week of the Event Pass to unlock everything before it’s gone!

We are excited for Xbox One, Series X and Series S players to dive into the digital world of our Game On Event Pass and experience the indomitable might of Octavia. The Indomitable update is available now in Paladins – download today!

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