Open Country

Open Country is Available Today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Hello, outdoor survival and hunting fans! Open Country launches today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We are excited to bring this brand-new outdoor experience to you. Open Country is a different kind of outdoor game that includes…


Open Country

Surviving the wilds of Open Country requires planning, patience and all of your bushcraft skills! Build camps, hunt and fish for food, store supplies, treat wounds, make tools, cure illness and more. Stay on top of your heath and stock supplies, and you’ll be ready to head out each morning to explore further, build new camps and level up your skills on your way to Master Outdoorsman.


Open Country

Hunting is a critical to survival in Open Country. You’ll need to move quietly and have a steady aim if you want to eat more than berries and mushrooms for dinner. Small game is plentiful across the maps and is a good source of meat. Large game can be found by following tracks to their feeding grounds. Large game will spook and quickly run off if they see, hear or smell you. You’ll need to keep an eye on the wind direction and keep your noise levels low if you want a successful hunt.

Waterfowl more your speed? Pick up a shotgun and take aim at the birds gathered on a nearby pond.

Hunting Dog

Open Country

Your newest best friend in Open Country is a trained hunting dog! Your dog can find game, follow tracks and even retrieve small game and waterfowl that you’ve shot. As you take care of him through feeding and well-earned pets, he’ll level up his skills and be available to assist you more often.


Open Country

Hop in a boat and take off across the waters to find the best place to fish! Pick your lure and get ready for the fish to bite. Reel in your catch, but make sure you don’t break the line and let a big one get away.


Open Country

Open Country features three unique maps, each one representing a different season; Summer, Autumn and Winter. You’ll find different animals in each map and unique dangers. Explore each map to find the best places to hunt, build camps to store food and find the best vistas for screenshots, but be careful of predators. Animals such as wolves and bears don’t like visitors, so always be aware of your surroundings.


Open Country

The maps are big. Really big. Getting around can take a while unless you hop on board an ATV, boat or snowmobile. These vehicles are loud, so if you’re on your way to a hunt, stop early and hike the rest of the way or you’ll scare away all of the game!

Head into Open Country and experience a brand-new wilderness adventure today!

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Open Country

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You're in the wild now! With your backpack stocked and rifle loaded, you are ready to leave city life behind. Make sure you set up camp and a fire before the sun goes down…the wolves and bears are starving and you look like dinner. The Ranger needs some guidance from a skilled outdoorsman, and Gary at the Snowridge Lodge could really use some more game to get him through the rough months. Are you up for the challenge of surviving in the Open Country? – Hunt, Fish, Explore, and Survive as you weather the elements and harsh conditions. – Pack your gear and Loadout: Every area of the map is beautiful and dangerous in its own way- be careful, the animals aren’t too excited to have a houseguest so your backpack and ATV better be ready at all times. – Gary and the locals will give you plenty of tasks to keep you busy, and you might even make a four legged friend along the way. – Level up: Better weapons, better equipment, and better vehicles -are you worthy of being called the Master Outdoorsman?