Switchblade Illustration

Switchblade Explodes into Action Alongside New Game Modes in the Latest Rogue Company Update

Continue your journey through Rogue Company Season Two with a new rogue and new game modes!

Rogue Company’s newest rogue, Switchblade, is a short fuse in a leather jacket, cutting a fiery swath through those who oppose her. On the run and hunted since a young age, Switchblade has become content with the solace of being alone. She’s self-taught and very lethal; a master of survival and combat. However, everyone she’s ever gotten close to ends up dead so when Rogue Company offers protection and information, she can’t refuse.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight; bring napalm instead! Use Switchblade’s Chaos Launcher to drop a cluster of napalm to devastate your enemies and force them out of defensive positions.

“Breachers in Rogue Company are designed to break through enemy defenses to initiate an offensive push,” explains Rogue Company’s Lead Designer Scott Lussier. “With Switchblade, we are designing a breacher who is able to punish enemies that are fortified on power positions. Throughout the iteration phase, we discovered that in order for Switchblade to achieve our design goals she needs to have a passive that allows her to follow up on her ability. Switchblade’s passive is called Fight and Flight. Whenever she uses an ability, or a gadget, she gains a burst of movement speed which enables her to close the gap on the enemy team. This passive allows her to truly excel at punishing enemies who are hunkered down in strong defensive positions throughout the map.”

Switchblade Posed Art

This update also features new 6v6 game modes that are action-packed! 6v6 Team Deathmatch replaces Extraction as a core game mode. A new limited time game mode, 6v6 King of the Hill, also joins the queue in Rogue Company. Party up and hop into these new game modes now!

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Gear up and drop in to Rogue Company, the third-person tactical action shooter that puts the fate of the world in your hands. Defeat the enemy team in objective and action based game modes featuring exotic locales, thrilling gun-play, and explosions…lots of explosions. Assemble your team and play FREE now! Skydive into high-stakes missions in hot spots around the globe. Take part in action-packed 4v4 and 6v6 game modes; control the point in King of the Hill, fight to survive in Strikeout, or plant and defuse bombs in Demolition. Looking to be more competitive? Join the Ranked queue to show off your skills. Or relax in a rotating Limited-Time Mode. Drop in as one of the many agents of Rogue Company, each with their own unique set of skills, weapons, and gadgets! Fire explosive napalm with Switchblade’s Chaos Launcher, use Saint’s revive drone to save your teammates, or take the enemy team offline with a hack from Gl1tch. Which Rogue and play style will you choose? Throughout each match, you’ll earn cash to spend in the in-game store. Choose how you approach each round — will you buy a katana to get up-and-personal with your foes, or the Tyr sniper rifle to take them down from afar? You can also unlock high-tech gadgets, ranging from Dima’s favorite explosives to a disorienting tear gas. Rogue Company is 100% Free to Play. All Rogues can be unlocked free and come with additional free rewards that you can collect just by playing the game. Even better: Rogue Company supports full cross-play and cross-progression, meaning you can play with your friends regardless of platform, and bring your unlocks wherever you game. Are you ready to save the day, look good, and get paid? Download Rogue Company and play for FREE today!