Refreshed Accessibility Spotlight & New Accessibility Features

Xbox Accessibility Capabilities Flight

One of the top questions we get from our community is, “How do I know which games I can play?” It can be difficult for gamers to know, before they purchase a game, whether it has the accessibility features they need.

To help make it a bit easier for our community to find content that meets their needs, we’re excited to announce the availability of a new feature in our Store that allows game developers to flag their titles with a variety of accessibility features.

In addition, developers can also link to additional information regarding the accessibility of their game. We’ve also created a brand new “Accessibility Spotlight” in the Xbox store where users can find products with these features.

We’ve developed this functionality in partnership with our Gaming & Disability Community and game developers. If you’re already a member of the Xbox Accessibility Insider League (XAIL), you can try it first!  To do so, head over to the Xbox Insider Hub and look for quests in the coming weeks about this new feature, and let us know what you think; we’re eager to hear from you!