Smite - Transformers Battle Pass

Transformers Roll Out in the November Smite Update

Autobots and Decepticons raise the battle with the Smite November update featuring the Transformers Battle Pass, available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

The war for Cybertron has reached the “Battleground of the Gods.” Optimus Prime, noble leader of the Autobots and defender of freedom for all sentient life, leads the charge against the evil forces of the Decepticons, with Megatron himself and his least trusted soldier Starscream clashing in a storm of steel and Sparks! Roll out as Optimus Prime Geb, incinerate lesser life forms as Megatron Ra, and rule the skies as Starscream Jing Wei with the Transformers Battle Pass!

The Premium Pass instantly unlocks Optimus Prime Geb and lets players earn Premium rewards including Starscream Jing Wei, the Autobots vs. Decepticons Loading Frame, Cybertronian Level-Up Skin, and Megatron Ra. Players loyal to the fight can get rolling with the Plus Pass, which includes the Premium Battle Pass and 13,000 Battle Pass Points, immediately unlocking Starscream Jing Wei and all other rewards up to level 25.

Smite - Transformers Battle Pass

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get exclusive free access to the Smite x Transformers Starter Pass which includes Geb, Ra, and Jing Wei as well as their Voice Packs, 3000 Battle Pass Points, a Daily Deal Token, a 3 Day Account Booster, and 3 Team BP Points Boosters.

Complete the standard Battle Pass track to advance to the coveted Prestige track for the ultimate ’80s nostalgia experience by unlocking the Generation 1 versions of Optimus Prime Geb, Starscream Jing Wei, and Megatron Ra. Reclaim the glory of Saturday morning with the original designs of these transforming titans, available only with the Premium Pass.

Earn rewards just by playing Smite, with the Bumblebee Avatar, the More Than Meets The Eye Global Emote, Cybertron Ward, and chests available to unlock for all players during the time the Battle Pass is available. Purchase the Premium or Plus Pass at any time during the event and receive all Premium rewards up to your current Battle Pass level.

Smite - Transformers Battle Pass

There’s even more under the hood with this update. Take advantage of the ongoing Gem sale to progress through the Odyssey alongside the Battle Pass, with the Plushie Tiamat and Oni Ronin Anhur joining the rewards to be found in the Perilous Seas, along with the Gingerdread Baba Yaga skin available in the Winter Wonderland Chest. The year is almost over, so scour the waves before time runs out!

Speaking of the end of the year, the Smite World Championship Digital Loot Pack is back for Season 8, featuring the Exclusive Pittsburgh Knights Scylla, Season 8 Morgan Le Fay, and Elken Cernunnos as well as the Limited Divine Wind Gilgamesh. Catch the SWC broadcast from January 6 to the 9 and cheer on your favorite team as a year of hard-fought matches comes to the final showdown to crown the supreme Smite team.

Gods and giant robots; is there a better combination? Don’t miss your chance; get the Transformers Battle Pass and Digital Loot Pack today!

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