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Dead by Daylight’s The Dredge: a Beginner’s Guide

The Dredge

A horrifying abomination emerges from the darkness. Its presence blackens the air, draining all hope. The Dredge and its thrilling new Power – Reign of Darkness – have come to Dead by Daylight, introducing a new layer of horror action to The Entity’s Realm.

The Dredge’s Reign of Darkness Power grants several special abilities, including The Gloaming. Use The Gloaming to teleport to any locker on the map, creating a Remnant (think of it like a spectral placeholder) in the process. With numerous lockers positioned in various places on any given map, this grants The Dredge serious mobility. Should you decide against teleporting, you can instead return to your Remnant and regain any lost ground.


Whether you’re looking to learn The Dredge or increase your chances of survival against it, we’ve got you covered with a few tips and tricks.


Three Tips for Playing as The Dredge

Teleport Techniques

While The Dredge’s teleportation is an effective means of traversing the map, it can also be used to great effect in a chase. If you see a Survivor running toward an extensive loop – a main building or the Killer’s Shack, for instance – it’s likely there will be a locker close by. Use your teleportation to make predictions, emerge from a locker, and cut them off.

As the Trial progresses and the generators dwindle, be careful not to spread yourself thin. Be mindful of how generators are spread around the map and try to pinpoint which ones are worth holding on to. It might be tempting to teleport across the map to protect a lone generator, but that cooldown can prove costly if Survivors take advantage of your absence – especially in the late-game.

Shut Down Loops

With a high skill ceiling, the Remnant aspect of The Dredge’s Power allows for plenty of exciting mind games. While a Survivor is attempting to lure you into a lengthy loop-heavy area, strategically create a Remnant at key chokepoints to effectively cut them off mid-chase.

Consider creating a Remnant near a pallet or window, as it is likely a Survivor will want to make use of that. Should Survivors seem intent on running around a structure multiple times, anticipate this and use your Remnant to close the distance. Just remember, Survivors can remove your Remnant through direct contact, so try to predict their movement.

The Gloaming

The Dredge is darkness manifested, so naturally, it thrives when the lights go out. When the Night Cycle begins, remember that Survivors will be far more disoriented than yourself. Know that you hold the advantage in chases, and areas that Survivors may have skilfully navigated beforehand might now give them trouble. 

That’s not to say the Nightfall will guarantee a successful end to your chase – but it’s worth noting that Survivors will have their vision severely hindered. Is there any sweeter sight than a Survivor running into a wall?

We hope you enjoy playing as The Dredge, and wish you luck in the trials to come…but what happens should you cross its path as an opponent?
Three Tips for Surviving The Dredge

The Dredge is an oppressive and disturbing Killer, one that can swiftly darken a Survivor’s day. Only the bravest stand a chance – and new Survivor Haddie Kaur is not lacking in that department.


Haunted by chilling visions since childhood, Haddie Kaur was driven to face the horror of realms beyond. Throughout her journeys to the world’s haunted corners – which she covered extensively on her podcast Ravages of the Abyss – shedeveloped several tools to help her deal with this terrifying new threat.

Should you find yourself facing The Dredge, whether as Haddie or any other Survivor, here are a few helpful tips to brighten up the darkness.

Manage The Nightfall

With all the excitement a trial brings, it can be easy to lose track of the HUD. When facing the Dredge, however, it helps to pay close attention to the meter surrounding your character icon. Knowing when the map will darken will keep you one step ahead. It might sound like a small suggestion but keeping a watchful eye on that HUD could be the difference between life and death, as certain areas can really spell trouble in the dark.

Watch for Signs

Should you find yourself pursued by The Dredge, you may opt to beeline for the closest loop, main building, or Killer’s Shack. If there is a locker nearby, The Dredge might teleport and emerge from it, cutting you off in the process. Keep an eye on its arm – if you see it rise, The Dredge is in the process of charging its power, so be on guard a teleportation play. It’s also wise to observe lockers for signs of its presence, as The Dredge leaves subtle visual and sound clues while inside of one.

Mind Those Locks

While The Dredge can teleport across the map, you can impede its process by placing a lock on a Locker door. Doing so will delay The Dredge’s exit, as it will take several seconds for the lock to be destroyed. It may be tempting to shore up the security at the beginning of a match, but remember that each Locker can only be locked once. If The Dredge smashes every lock by a trial’s halfway point, you may be facing a challenging endgame.

Whether you choose to embody fear as The Dredge or embrace courage as Haddie Kaur, Dead by Daylight’s Roots of Dread Chapter features a thrilling dose of horror action. Not only that, but Dead by Daylight is celebrating its sixth anniversary with the Twisted Masquerade in-game event from June 16th to June 30th, featuring exciting challenges, unlockable cosmetics, and much more. The Deals Unlocked sale will also be ongoing, bringing 60% discount on the Base game (June 7-23), 50% discounts on select DLCS (June 7-16), and more. We hope these tips and tricks prove helpful in the trials to come. See you in The Fog!

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