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Ghostrunner: Complete Edition Available Now for Xbox

Prepare for an exhilarating action-packed cyber ninja experience with Ghostrunner: Complete Edition! Come see why IGN nominated Ghostrunner for the Best Action Game of 2020. The time has come to ascend Dharma Tower and save humanity with all available updates, refinements, DLC, and modes packed into one complete version.

The Complete Edition includes the critically acclaimed Ghostrunner base game, Project_Hel expansion, Wave Mode, Kill-Run Mode, Assist Mode, Photo Mode, Neon Pack, Metal OX Pack, Winter Pack, and Halloween Pack – for access to 15 unique sword and glove sets.

Master Ghostrunner’s hardcore push-forward, one-hit one-kill combat and slay your way through cybernetically enhanced enemies. Only you have the power to eliminate the Keymaster and bring hope to the citizens of Dharma tower, the last haven for humanity after the world-ending cataclysm.

In Ghostrunner you are guided by a mysterious AI known as the Architect and you must dash, wall-run, blink, grapple hook, and slaughter to complete your objectives. The action never stops with instant restarts after death and there are endless ways to complete levels, so get creative and utilize your surroundings if you hope to stand a chance.

Traverse the Cybervoid and solve mind bending puzzles to unlock powerful new abilities to aid you on your journey. Each new ability is its own Booster Module, and you will be limited by the amount you can use at any one time. There are a few worthwhile powers to keep an eye on during your post-apocalyptical conquest.

Overlord will grant you mind control that recruits enemies to fight alongside you. Surge emits an energy slice of destruction with a long range. Tempest produces a force of wind that pushes multiple enemies caught in its path. You can augment abilities to match the battlefield. For example, if you are in a level with hordes of enemies then equip Muiltikill Refund to instantly reset certain powers after use.

Ghostrunner has a thriving online community so come join us if you need help or want to chat about anything Ghostrunner related. You can also join the official Ghostrunner Xbox Hub to discuss trending topics or share your game review. If you are into speedrunning, then check out our Games Done Quick feature and share your level completion times on our community leaderboard. Be sure to tag #Ghostrunner on social media with your favorite Xbox screen shots from Ghostrunner: Complete Edition for a chance to get featured.

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Ghostrunner: Complete Edition

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Ghostrunner: Complete Edition is the ultimate Ghostrunner experience and includes the critically acclaimed Ghostrunner, Project _Hel expansion as well as the Neon, Winter, Halloween, and Metal OX cosmetic packs. Become an unmatched killing machine in Ghostrunner, a challenging but rewarding first-person action game set in a gritty neon-lit cyberpunk city. With visceral push-forward combat, fast-paced mobility, and unique powers, you must learn from your mistakes, adapt to your surroundings and be merciless as you climb the floors of Dharma Tower to take your revenge on the Keymaster. Welcome to the future. It’s gonna kill you. FEATURES FIGHT LIKE _HEL In Ghostrunner – Project_Hel you take on the role of Hel, one of the bosses from Ghostrunner’s campaign. Battle through new levels, fight powerful new bosses and experience a new story where you fight your way through Dharma Tower, crushing the Climber’s Rebellion. ADAPT, OVERCOME, KILL Your enemies are brutal – one shot and you’re dead. Learn from your mistakes, adapt to your surroundings, master your powers, and become the ultimate killing machine. Experience the challenging thrill of Ghostrunner’s fast, fluid, and frenetic gameplay as you carve your path through Dharma Tower. ORIGINAL SYNTHWAVE SOUNDTRACK Ghostrunner features a completely original Synthwave soundtrack composed by the world-renowned Daniel Deluxe. Dark heavy beats, fast paced tempos and ambient futuristic tones perfectly complement Ghostrunner’s rewarding push-forward combat and gritty cyberpunk setting. CYBERPUNK PLAYGROUND Set in a post-apocalyptic future, battle through the gritty alleyways, dark monolithic structures, and bright neon lights of Dharma Tower – the final haven for human life set in a desolate world. Slay your way through the detailed futuristic city as you wage a one-man war against an army of cybernetically enhanced enemies. SLAY IN STYLE Ghostrunner: Complete Edition includes access to 15 unique sword and glove sets from the Neon, Winter, Halloween and Metal OX packs.