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Ara: History Untold Technical Alpha Update – Join the Insider Program

Hey everyone! The team at Oxide Games is hard at work on development of Ara: History Untold and we look forward to sharing more details about the game in the months ahead.

Since we announced the game back in June, we have begun gathering feedback from players to ensure we ship the best version of the game possible when it releases next year. That effort started with a small council of internal players and has since expanded to include participants invited through the Ara: History Untold Insider Program, where we recently completed our first external technical alpha.

We heard a lot of great feedback from our first group of technical alpha participants, and after digesting it, we have learned quite a bit about where the game is and where we think it needs to go from here. And as you can see in the infographic below, our first technical alpha players were very busy crafting, researching, and even snacking their way to victory.

Ara: History Untold Infographic

So where is the team focusing now? Improvements to the user interface (UI) and streamlining the new user experience were high on the list of items we were already working on, but players gave us great feedback that helped focus our attention even more on those areas. Other high-priority items we are focusing improvements on include crafting and the quest system.

A great majority of the feedback we received and have addressed will be visible to those who participated in the first alpha and will help everyone in our next test and beyond begin to see how fun the game is to play.

Now it’s your turn to join us, play the game, and give us feedback! We will soon increase participation for our next alpha test to a larger pool of players through our Insider Program — we invite you to join a passionate community of turn-based grand strategy fans and provide our team with critical feedback to make the game the best it can be.

Joining the Insider Program is free and will give you access to regular updates from the development team through official forum posts, blogs, and of course the opportunity to play the game and share your feedback with us. For more information and to sign up please visit our official site and stay tuned to Ara: History Untold on Twitter for community news and updates.

So, to our current Insiders, thank you for your feedback and support. And for everyone else, we hope to see you join our Insider Program soon.

See you for the next turn!