Smite 10th anniversary key art

Magic: The Gathering and Smite Collide in New Season of Monsters


  • Smite and Magic: The Gathering meet in Season of Monsters, the first of four seasonal updates this year
  • New season introduces brand new battle pass, new Conquest map, and playable character Surtr
  • Unlock cosmetics, tackle new quests and discover new loot that can earned for free

Magic: The Gathering’s legendary characters are crossing the Planes into the Battleground of the Gods with an all-new Crossover Event! Channel many different forms of mana with Chandra Nalaar Pele, Jace Beleren Yu Huang, Liliana Vess Nu Wa, and more! But that’s not all we’ve got for you from the other side of the blind eternities – there will also be a host of other new cosmetics and quests, including loot that all players can earn for free. Through these encounters, the Gods will surely find the Battleground a more exciting, yet dangerous, place.

The arrival of Magic: The Gathering is only one part of the new experience on the Battleground of the Gods; Surtr’s arrival brought Ragnarok-level destruction, obliterating Smite’s old conquest map and bringing about an all-new map with the Season of Monsters. Find new towers, a wider map, roaming monster camps, and more challenges and treasures than ever! There will even be a new Fire Giant to contend with!

The Season of Monsters is the first of four new Seasons in Smite. In Smite Year 10, there will be four unique Seasons with each one introducing major updates, including a new god, a new Conquest map featuring art changes and reworked objectives, a new battle pass, and gameplay features themed to the Season. The first Season, the Season of Monsters, will begin on January 24 and include two updates, with the first update introducing Surtr and the Year 10 Conquest map. We’ll release a more detailed roadmap giving an overview of the new Season Structure later this year!

With the destruction apparent within the new Conquest Map, we can now turn to the cause: The new God, Surtr, the Fire Giant! After more than a decade of being cut down by the gods, Surtr tires of unrelenting death and now faces the gods with a devastating thirst for vengeance. Hurl flaming imps, strike down your foes with massive AOE attacks and become a flaming meteor! All of these tools come together to make this new Warrior a force to be reckoned with.

Finally, we have a new Battle Pass filled with incredible new skins for you all: Boss Monsters! Featuring skins for Kukulkan, Cernunnos, and Arachne, all inspired by iconic final boss encounters from your favorite RPGs! Not only that, all players can earn rewards on the free track of the Boss Monsters Battle Pass!

The Season of Monsters also brings a plethora of new item changes, new shards, and class bonuses. You’ve never seen SMITE like this before… make sure to jump in and try out the new Season!

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