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Creature Photographing Supernatural Puzzle Adventure Moonrise Fall Hits Xbox


  • Available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows.
  • Free-roaming atmospheric puzzle game about a boy lost in a supernatural forest.
  • Unravel the forest mysteries by photographing the strange cryptid inhabitants.

I’m excited to announce that Moonrise Fall, after years of development, is falling onto Xbox! A personal passion project of mine that draws from my real-life experience to inspire a fantastical world. A world filled with the strange and otherworldly.

The Game

Our protagonist finds himself lost in a supernatural forest after nearly dying in a car crash and losing both parents. Dazed and confused, the boy stumbles upon a few tools to aid him in his journey: A Pocket Watch with the ability to control the time of day. A lantern to light his path and alert him of nearby supernatural happenings. A journal to guide him and assist him in discovering the many mysterious creatures that reside there. A kalimba (musical instrument) with the power to control the weather and more.

During the boy’s journey into the unknown, he will discover ominous caves, abandoned lumber mills, mystifying temples, strange languages, enigmatic creatures, arcane spirits, and numerous secrets. Sleuth your way through puzzles and explore the supernatural world to find the true meaning behind its existence and ultimately discover the fate of the boy.

Tips & Tricks

Pay close attention to your lantern. When near a creature, collectible, or secret, the lantern will begin to shimmer and the faint sound of chimes can be heard.

Moonrisefall screenshot

Trust nothing your eyes can see. Use your camera and viewfinder to discover what is real and, more importantly, what is not.

Moonrisefall screenshot

The clues to discovering the many creatures in the game lay in the journal. Read each entry closely to decipher all the clues.

Moonrisefall screenshot

Some discoveries can only be made at certain times of day and/or during certain types of weather. Experiment to find out more.

Moonrisefall screenshot

The forest may be more alive than you think and may even work against you.

Moonrise Fall uses a unique music system. It generates multiple layers of music and mixes seamlessly to ensure no two play-throughs are the same, producing a dreamy alive feeling to the forest and its inhabitants. The music mixed with the subtle and detailed soundscapes creates an immersive feeling to draw you closer and get lost in.

It’s been a great pleasure of mine to create and share this world with you. I hope you find Moonrise Fall is worth falling for. Play it today on Xbox.

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Moonrise Fall

CheckMate Publishing

Moonrise Fall is an atmospheric exploration puzzle game about a boy who finds himself lost in a supernatural forest after losing both parents in a car crash. Put your detective skills to the test. Armed with a clue-filled journal, a camera, and a lantern he must unravel the mysteries of the forest and photograph the strange creatures that reside there. Moonrise Fall is a brain teaser-filled world mixed with classic adventuring, exploration, and collecting. A surreal understated experience about loss and finding new life inspired by real-life experiences. Uncover locations like caves, mines, a lumber mill, as well as otherworldly locales at your own pace. Discover why the boy has been trapped in this strange place and by whom.