Start A Riot With The Callisto Protocol’s New DLC

Hey, Xbox fans! The Callisto Protocol’s all-new Riot Mode is launching tomorrow, an exciting new player experience that’s all about defeating as many enemies as possible. In Riot Mode, you will take on wave after wave of enemies, while facing increasingly difficult challenges. To add to the fun, you can earn credits that you can use to buy upgrades and loot from crates scattered throughout the arena. I recently had a chat with Level Designer Kevin Jaszanovits and Senior Systems Engineer Philip Greene, some of the folks behind The Callisto Protocol’s all-new Riot Mode, to learn more about this exciting new mode.

The Callisto Protocol Riot DLC screenshot

Riot Mode brings a different flavor to The Callisto Protocol’s core elements. To achieve this, the developers had to break some rules from the main game and push their pre-existing designs in different directions.

“We wanted to make this mode more like an arcade game rather than a horror game to have more fun with it,” Jaszanovits explains.

Jaszanovits’s goal as a level designer was to create an environment where players could run from room to room, feeling constantly chased and surrounded by enemies. “We tried to remove or adjust gameplay elements that slowed the player down,” he says.

The Callisto Protocol Riot DLC screenshot

Greene adds: “Our goal was to achieve a simple, entertaining gameplay loop, but with a secondary value that lets players come up with new strategies over multiple play sessions. This leads to multiple different systems that grant players power over time to let them find their style and power through waves of infected.”

Riot Mode features enemy behavior and wave composition that keep players on their toes. As you progress through the game, you’ll need to adapt your strategies to overcome each new challenge. With only two weapon slots available, you’ll also need to spend credits wisely to upgrade and change weapons and to open health, GRP, and fuse containers. And when things get really tough, activate rampage mode for a temporary buff with unlimited ammo, GRP usage, and enemy insta-kill.

The Callisto Protocol Riot DLC screenshot

“We wanted to dig deep into just having a fun time murdering,” Greene says. “So, we went with as many features as we could put into the game that drove those feelings of fun combat. Powering up the player with strong weapons [and] giving them additional perks that allow them to take combat to a new level.”

To add to the arcade-like feel, Riot Mode includes a scoring system based on kills and dismemberment, with an overall score keeping track of the player’s progression throughout the game. “I can get to the 30s pretty consistently, but some of our QA testers have broken 100 waves. It’s fun seeing our team members post their high scores in our internal chats. You have to show the receipts if you want bragging rights,” says Jaszanovits.

The Callisto Protocol Riot DLC screenshot

Riot Mode is a challenging and entertaining experience that will keep you engaged for hours. The focus on keeping the fight constant and flowing, while also introducing fun sub-systems and a simple gameplay loop, makes it a great addition to The Callisto Protocol. It’s available on May 23, 2022, as part of the Riot Bundle, included with The Callisto Protocol Digital Deluxe Edition, Season Pass, or available for purchase separately. The Riot Bundle also includes eleven new enemy death animations and The Prospector Skin Collection. Are you ready to start a riot?

* The Riot Bundle requires The Callisto Protocol base game to play.

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