Meet Your Maker Sector 2 - Shattered Peak

Meet Your Maker’s Sector 2: Shattered Peak Takes Players to the Frigid Arctic Wasteland

The brutal world of Meet Your Maker expands yet again with the arrival of Sector 2: Shattered Peak.

When the corrugenic virus swept through the world of Meet Your Maker, there was no refuge. Not even the planet’s most remote regions managed to escape its devastation.

Our latest expansion lets you build and raid deadly fortresses in a place unlike any other in the game, with all-new tools and cosmetics inspired by the horrific events of the frozen Shattered Peak Sanctuary.

Bundle up, there’s a mean chill in the air.

Meet Your Maker Sector 2 - Shattered Peak

Fear Itself: Shattered Peak

While Sector 1 brought players to the muddy New England Coastline, Sector 2 will take you far north to the Arctic wasteland, a desolate region engulfed by suffocating snowstorms and endless winds.

Here, on a secluded mountain lies the Shattered Peak Sanctuary, a former research facility where things went horribly wrong.

“The Shattered Peak Sanctuary shows us that even the most remote Sanctuaries weren’t safe from danger,”says Joe Dermo, Meet Your Maker’s Narrative Designer. “The projects were high-risk gambits and so many elements could lead to chaos – and often did. This time we explore what happens when paranoia overtakes a small, secluded area.”

“We wanted to explore a sparsely populated area of Earth and consider how the Sanctuary project and impending extinction-level event may have affected them. The Arctic was the perfect fit and offered us the opportunity to design a harsh, inhospitable environment that we haven’t seen before.”

The Stuff of Nightmares: Shattered Peak’s Deadly Creations

Paranoia is a big theme in this chapter. As a response to the harsh life in the Arctic wastes, Shattered Peak relied on its cutting-edge technology for survival. In many ways, this is what led to its downfall.

“It’s the classic theme of mankind thinking they can ‘science’ their way out of a problem and ending up creating something terrible,” adds Ash Pannell, Meet Your Maker’s Creative Director.

The new Custodian and guard reflect these themes both in their lore and gameplay.

Meet Your Maker Sector 2 - Shattered Peak

The Overseer

The Overseer is a new prototype Custodian suit built in Shattered Peak. After succumbing to paranoid hallucinations, an Advisor clone captured the suit, using its powerful and unique abilities to wage war within the Sanctuary’s walls.

“There are some surprising Biolinks that offer abilities unlike anything we’ve seen before,” says Dermo. “I’m excited to see how players use the Overseer’s gliding ability as it has the opportunity to complement both offensive or defensive strategies.”

“My favorite is the Pathfinder perk,” Pannell adds. “It reveals the location of the Harvester Path and is a real counter to crazy, time-consuming mazes.”

Meet Your Maker Sector 2 - Shattered Peak

The Assassin

In a game like Meet Your Maker where deadly traps lie around every corner, a guard like the Assassin has the opportunity to create some wonderfully intense moments.

“The Assassin was based on a psychologically damaged Advisor’s hallucinations, so it has a grim look that sets it apart from other guards,” explains Dermo.

Unlike other guards, this one relies on stealth to ambush Raiders. With its holocube technology it’s nearly invisible until it unleashes its devastating lunge attack.

“The Assassin is great”, adds Pannell “It brings new gameplay for both Builders and Raiders. They’re jump scare masters and that just ratchets up the tension in the levels that have them.”

An Expanding World

With Dreadshore and now Shattered Peak, Meet Your Maker’s visual identity has evolved immensely since the early days of the Red Sands. Each new region builds out the game’s world, adding new tools for Builders and Raiders to experiment with while also fleshing out the larger narrative.

Since our game revolves around user-generated content, designing a new location with new tools is a big, fun undertaking, and we’re glad to say that player feedback lies at the center of it.

Meet Your Maker Sector 2 - Shattered Peak

“It’s really about what we think players will have fun with. We start by looking at gaps in both the building and raiding gameplay and finding things that work well in shaking things up,” says Pannell. “So, when speed runners just start blasting through levels, we look at new Custodians that could support that and for the Builders we try and deliver traps, guards and augments to counter it. When we’ve got something working, we then apply the ‘fantasy’ to it.”

In terms of adding to the game’s story, Dermo adds, “Although we’re dealing with science fiction, I find it’s important to base the genre in real human emotions. When creating lore, I consider how real people would react to the intense situations they’ve been put in and what event could be sparked by one thing going wrong. Humans are fascinating creatures who have a tendency of taking a bad situation and finding unique ways of making it worse.”

We can’t wait to see all the new Outposts players will craft with these new additions to the game. Sector 2: Shattered Peak is out now for Meet Your Maker.

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Meet Your Maker: Sector 2 Bundle

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Experience all that Sector 2: Shattered Peak has to offer. Meet Your Maker’s Sector 2 Bundle lets you push your building and raiding strategies even further. Harness chilling new tools and cosmetics inspired by the frigid Arctic wastes, Shattered Peak’s cutting-edge tech, and the paranoiac creations that led to its downfall. The Bundle includes the Sector 2 Arsenal Pack + the Sector 2 Cosmetic Collection: 1 CUSTODIAN + ALTERNATE SKIN:  – Overseer   – Icebreaker 1 GUARD:  – Assassin 1 VOLT LANCER WEAPON SKIN: -Yeti 1 DECOPACK: Lab 2 Blocks (Each available in 3 shapes) – Reinforced Plastic – Thermal Pack 2 props – Laboratory Lighting – Laboratory Computer 1 animated prop – Rickety Fan 8 Decals -Frozen Lab *All items in Meet Your Maker can be mixed and matched freely when building an Outpost or creating a Raider loadout.
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Meet Your Maker

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SECTOR 2: SHATTERED PEAK — AVAILABLE NOW All Meet your Maker players gain instant access to a new environment and themed Deco Pack. A new Custodian and guard are also available, letting you harness the snowbound horrors that tore the Sanctuary apart. Meet Your Maker is a building game of brutal expression and conquest. Unleash your inner evil genius in co-op or single-player to build the ultimate fortress of devious deathtraps, or take on those built by others in a high-stakes heist to steal resources essential for your survival. WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE You are the Custodian of the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. Enter a battle of skill and wits for the only remaining resource that matters and the key to your Chimera’s evolution: pure genetic material. Mine the darkest corners of your imagination to build and fortify deadly fortresses known as Outposts to extract and guard your Genmat. Infiltrate and survive other players’ Outposts to steal more. Adapt, upgrade, and evolve… or die. CREATE TO DESTROY The world’s deadliest toolbox is at your fingertips. Combine a huge array of blocks, traps and guards to build a fortress that’s devious, cunning, and utterly without mercy. Enjoy complete control over your creation, modifying traps and recording custom patrol paths for guards, then share your Outpost and watch others try to survive it. Reap rewards from those who die, learn from those who live, and never lose progress by being raided. OUTWIT TO SURVIVE Put your will to the test raiding other players’ Outposts. Rely on your instinct, intellect, and reflexes in a do-or-die heist to steal the materials you need to fuel your next build. Choose the right loadout for each unique challenge, then get in, grab the Genmat and make it out alive mastering every Outpost that stands in your way. COOPERATE & CONNECT Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Combine creativity and build with an ally or join forces to raid as a team of two. Use the replay system to watch Raiders challenge your Outposts. Grow your reputation with accolades left by others to reward your ingenuity. Easily find your friends and favorite Builders to play their Outposts at any time.