Play nice on Xbox Live and you have nothing to worry about

Hopefully you have never seen one of these screens. If you have, you have been a baaaad boy (or girl.) This is the screen you’ll see if you try to sign in and you’ve been banned from Xbox Live. Xbox Live is getting more and more popular every day, and the community is growing at an astounding rate. One area I see the most confusion on for Xbox Live is around banning. A user can get banned for a variety of reasons, all of which stem from the feedback that is received. One of the advantages of being a service like Xbox Live is that you have a persistent gamertag across all games so people can’t change their identity after each session or game. A persistent gamertag allows Xbox Live to take feedback that is submitted and take necessary action. What can cause you get banned? Take a look at the Code of Conduct ( ) as a start, and then here is a basic explanation of how feedback works (

Basically, play fair and be civil you’ll probably never see the above screen.