GDC Update (and a chance to win tickets)


Next week is GDC in San Francisco, here is a roundup of what I’ll be doing:

1) Sending random, but interesting photos to my blog so that they appear over in the right column (these won’t be picked up in my RSS feed but will give a flavor of what’s going on at the show.)
2) For the really cool photos, I’ll be posting them as blog posts so I can provide further explanation.
3) I’ll be doing a couple of specal edition podcasts while down there, but the ‘you should not miss’ podcast will be the one of J Allard’s keynote speech on Wednesday. Within an hour of the speech ending, I’ll have it up for you guys here on my site download and listen to. (I have not read the speech yet…but I hear J is going to show some jaw dropping stuff.)
4) I’ll be blogging about what I see on the show floor, but tell me what you guys would like to see.
5) I’ll be doing video interviews with some developers that will be on

Oh yea, and what week be without a contest?

I got my hands on two show only tickets for GDC. If you are in the bay area, and you want to go…send me an email and I’ll do a random drawing on Monday for the tickets.

Hit me on [email protected] or call the feedback line at 425-705-MAJOR (6256) to enter.