Reminder: Call into to this weeks blogcast

Just a reminder that I’ll have Skype turned on while I am recording tonight’s blogcast. Hit me at MajorNeslon on Skype (or if your Skype client is correctly configured, click the graphic below) if you want to call in and chat. Assuming I can get all the settings right to record directly onto Audition, I’ll record the calls and include them in this weeks blogcast (as long as they are interesting.) If you are not compelling…don’t bother calling, I’ll just edit you out.

I’ll fire it up around18:30 PT (that’s 6:30pm PT/9:30p ET) for about 1/2 hour while I record. This could be interesting, since I don’t know what happens when I am on one call..and someone else calls in….does the second caller get a busy signal? We’ll find out.

Disclaimer: If you call in, your voice may be used in the blogcast. Don’t want to participate? Don’t call. You have been warned.