More Xbox Fun Facts

I was over in our PR department Friday, and they tossed these tasty nuggets my way to share with you all:

? Xbox continued its fantastic year-over-year growth momentum in March 2005, with year-to-date hardware unit sales up 13 percent, peripheral sales up 37 percent and software unit sales up 27 percent.

? Overall revenue generated year-to-date by the Xbox platform at retail was up 16 percent year-over-year, continuing to drive retail excitement and momentum for our partners.

? Xbox Peripheral sales continue to dramatically outpace the market. Year-to-date unit sales of all peripheral products on Xbox were up 37 percent, while PS2 was up 15 percent and GameCube was down 19 percent.

? As a subset of the total peripherals business, year-to-date Xbox Live sales of subscriptions and starter kits were up an incredible 128 percent, showing the continued strength in the Xbox platform

? In March, Xbox had four of the top 10 selling titles: #4 ?” ?oStar Wars: Republic Commando? from LucasArts, #6 ?” ?oFight Night Round 2? from Electronic Arts, #8 ?” ?oBrothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30? from Ubisoft and #9 ?” ?oMVP Baseball 2005? from Electronic Arts.

? Since launch, monthly Xbox software unit sales have increased year-over-year every month. It is the only current generation system that has consistently shown software unit sales growth.