I was wrong…THIS is the way to play Forza

I posted a last week that the only way to play Forza was with a big screen and a racing wheel. Well, I was wrong. The above photo shows you the proper way to experience Forza. Yea, those are all DLP screens…with the racing wheel. This is being played on a private build of the game that supports multiple screens. It’a a great way to experience one of the best racing games to come to Xbox. Forza is in stores this week.

Oh yea..I practiced on Forza all weekend (not on the three screen set-up above, just my home set-up) and reached a major accomplishment: I became number 1 on a scoreboard. This will be the first AND last time you ever see me as Number 1 in a racing game on Live. (I was only able to do this…since no one else has the game yet.)