Xbox Live: 2, Bungie: Not So Much

Tonight was quite an evening. The Xbox Live team were the victims – yeah, that’s it – of the infamous Bungie ‘Humpday Challenge’.

Or were we?

It turns out that the Xbox Live team not only held our own, but promptly beat Bungie at their own game. Several members of the Live team rotated into the party, so I only played the second game – but wasn’t it nice of Bungie to build a system that will allow us to immortalize our victory? Without further delay, here is the evidence of said pwnage:

Game 1: Team Slayer on Sanctuary Winners: Team Xbox Live, 100 to 94

Game 2: 3 Plots on Turf Winners: Team Xbox Live, 10:00 to 09:02

Game 3: Tie, Multi Flag CTF on Containment Tie.

We wanted to keep playing, but after the last game… the Bungie guys left the game pretty quick