Xbox growth update

I was hanging out with the PR team Monday, and I got some good numbers out of them to share with everyone. Good growth here!

  • Year-to-date software sales on the Xbox platform continue to outpace the competition. Xbox software sales are up 26 percent year-to-year compared to PlayStation 2’s 8 percent growth.
  • Xbox had 5 of the top 10 titles in May, including: #2 ?oStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith? (LucasArts), #3 ?oForza Motorsport? (MGS), #8 ?oMidnight Club 3: Dub Edition? (Take Two), #9 ?oLego Star Wars? (Eidos) and #10 ?oArea 51? (Midway).
  • Xbox peripheral sales continue to outpace both the market and the competition. Year-to-date unit sales of all peripheral products on Xbox were up 34 percent, while PS2 was up 12 percent.
  • The Xbox platform continues to maintain its strength in 2005 with a 30 percent market share in May.