Flight photos and (short) video

If you visit my site, you’ll see a few photos of today’s flight (right hand column) In addition, I was able to shoot quick video with my still camera.

Notice how CLOSE we are to Mt. Ranier in these videos.

Link to view video 1(will open Windows Media Player)

Link to view video 2(will open Windows Media Player)

Note: You need Windows Media Player 9 or greater to view this video.

It’s also important to note that I am on my way BACK from Walla Walla (eastern Washington) where we ate at a nice Vinyard (on Boeing’s dime.) I uploaded the video and made this post…all while 20,000 feet in the air. Don’t ya love technology?

Time to close the laptop and prepare for landing..I’ll talk more about the trip, and play an interview I did with the Boeing engineer in this weeks show. I’ll also upload more photos when I have time.