Leaving Germany today

I am getting on a plane in about 2 hours to head back to Seattle. As such, I’ll be offline until very late Friday night. I have read your comments, I have read your concerns. I’ll do what I can to summarize them for the proper teams back in Redmond over the weekend (most of the teams area already aware of the concerns.) Again, happy to share your comments with the right folks, but personal attacks against each other don’t help anyone. Many of your comments are thoughtful, and well written; those are the ones that I can include in my summary. Remember folks, I don’t work in PR or Marketing and I am not aware of their plans. I am not a spokesperson for Xbox…I just one guy at Xbox who (pays for and) posts on this blog in my spare time. That said, I’ll always to what I can for the community. Thanks for your understanding.

On a lighter note, check out some of the Photo Stories I did for Xbox. com. Be sure to watch the “Leipzig off the Wall” video for some funny images from the show.