Tired but in Tokyo

I finally got here. After (too) many hours in a plane, and a very long train ride, then a cab…I arrived in Shinjuku at 8pm Tuesday night. I met some of the Xbox Marketing and Advanced Technology group at the airport and they were more then happy to show me around since they have been here many times…and I have been here none. Once we checked into the hotel (we are all staying at the same place) they decided that it was mandatory that I visit one of the infamous Japanese ‘markets.’ The market I went to was right next to Shunjuki station and had a gaming store with the most amazing ‘stuff’. White PSP’s, the micro DS’s that just came out….and more peripherals that I have ever seen. After that we hit one of the electronic stores. All I can say is that everything you have heard about Japanese electronic stores is true. I saw cool new toys that won’t be in the US for another 6 months or more. It’s time to hit the bed…been up for 30+ hours and I need some sleep before the TGS excitement begins.