First day in Tokyo

Tokyo is a big place
It is neat, clean and very safe
Many gadgets to buy

Ok, so my first Tokyo inspired Haiku is a little weak…can you do any better?

After one full day here…I can say I like this city very is VERY orderly and everything has it’s place. Much of today was spent getting to know my way around. My phone does not work here, so I am not able to upload pictures from my camera phone. The Xbox PR team was able to get me into a Demo of Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon is an Xbox 360 exclusive title by “Final Fantasy” creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. It’s a great day when the master of RPG’s gives you a personal demo of his latest project. He won’t let me say much, since Ninja’s may crash through my door at any time, but I can say that it LOOKS breathtaking (and has some stong game play as well.) The things his team have done with the Xbox 360 are really stunning. Tomorrow we have an Xbox press conference where I am hearing we’ll announce some nice stuff 🙂 That’s all for now, but keep your eyes on for more details and complete TGS coverage.

(Note: The press confrence is at 1pm Thursday Tokyo tine, which is 12-midnight Thursday East Coast time, and 9:00pm Wednesday night Pacific time.)

Edit: I am not able to offer this press confernce as a podcast, but I will have Robbie Bach’s keynote on Friday up as soon as I can.