Off to the company meeting

Each year, Microsoft has a company meeting. It’s when Bill and Steve gather everyone in one place and talk about the previous year, as well as what to focus on for the next 12-months..It’s a pretty detailed look at all areas of our business. Since we’re a pretty large company, the only place we can all gather at one place at one time is Safeco Field (where the Mariners play baseball.) It’s pretty amazing to get all of Microsoft together at on place for this event. While our offices from around the world can watch the event via a webcast, it’s still great to get everyone (at least in the Seattle area) in one place to do a drill down on the overall business, and this year we get to celebrate Microsoft turning 30. Following the meeting, there is a product fair where all the various groups around Microsoft show off the projects they are working on. Since it looks to be a cool, Fall day here in Seattle, it should be pretty darn cold sitting in the stands at the field, so hopefully I can grab a seat in the sun. I’ll talk more about this event on my ‘cast on Sunday, as I should thaw by then.