X05 Pre-Event

After a quick cab ride from the hotel to the X05 venue (the PR team won’t let me say where it is yet) I have made my way to the main event area. The venue is situated on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals, and is huge. I arrived around 8am this morning and walked around the grounds to see the various areas where the event will take place. X05 officially kicks off tonight (local time) and after walking around and talking to some people?I can tell you it will be huge. I ran in to Robbie Bach, Peter Moore and J Allard on their way in to the main hall where they’ll deliver the press conference later today, and they are all really pumped about tonight and the announcements we’ll be making . I’ll post a blogcast of the press conference, along with some Photostories on Xbox.com that will show some of the excitement of the event. I am sitting in a work area with the PR team..and they told me they have a ton of screen shots and video that will be flooding the internet over the next two days.