Xbox Live’s ‘TrueSkill’ Matchmaking

With the Xbox 360 we have an upgraded (and trademarked) matchmaking system. It’s actually quite technical, as you can see by this algorithm:

winner ? winner + f2winner/c * v((winner-loser)/c,e/c)
loser ? loser – f2loser/c * v((winner-loser)/c,e/c)
f2winner ? f2winner*[1-f2winner/c2 * w((winner-loser)/c,e/c)]
f2loser ? f2loser*[1-f2loser/c2 * w((winner-loser)/c,e/c)]

c2 = 22 + f2winner + f2loser

Yea, I have no idea what it means either…All I know is it will give better matches when playing on Xbox Live.

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