How do you like it?

We are one day into the next generation of gaming?and everyone on the team is excited about the overwhelming positive response to the Xbox 360. I went into seven stores in the Worcester / Springfield area and they were all sold out, but they told me new shipments are coming in all the time?in fact one store got another 10 units while I was talking to the store manager. If you did not get your hands on one, I am sure it won’t be long now..keep checking your retailers. I did hear from some folks on our support and manufacturing teams that there are a few isolated reports of people having problems with their hardware. There are no widespread problems, but rather individual incidents that are being handled on a case by case basis. Remember, the Xbox 360 is a very complex piece of hardware, and when you look at the huge number of Xbox 360’s that are out, and weigh it against the few issues that are being reported, you’ll realize that the majority of people are having no problems at all. Look for me tonight in PDZ and PGR3. Also, if you have your Xbox 360 already?go ahead and send me a voice message (I don’t need to be on your friends list) and tell me what you think of the system.

P.S. Does anyone have a perfect 1,000 gamerscore from one game yet? If you do…let me know